Spiritual earthquakes!

Early today there were reports of a 7.1 – 7.4 earthquake in Honduras. Having personal interests there I was somewhat worried. After my concerns were vanished, I still had a feeling of anxiety and sadness and could not understand why. Now that I have realized the similarities between a physical and a spiritual earthquake, I understand my frustration. As we grow as human beings and start questioning things and think deeper on the actual meaning of the world and our existence, and the evident signs (yes, they are evident) God puts in our path for us to bump into and make the right turn, we confront personal and spiritual earthquakes.

I can state for a fact that at least probably around 90% of the people of the world have had a moment in their lives where they felt uncertain, worried and disconcerted over an action they performed, an action performed by others that influenced them or just an event that was out of their control and had direct implications on them. And if during a specific event they didn’t, they probably should’ve. These spiritual earthquakes are an instrument for personal growth just like physical earthquakes are a way for individuals to reinforce their homes and buildings, realize that this life is not eternal and in the worst case scenario, earthquakes are an alert that we must be prepared for something more dangerous that is close. Spiritual earthquakes then, as these ones, can be a call for us to change our lifestyle, remind someone we love them, be kinder, study harder or simply thank God for all of His Bounties. So how about we listen to them next time?

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