Baha’i ring Paths

Check our our newest piece of Baha’i jewellery…a Baha’i ring called “paths”.
Baha'i ring Paths


” The straight path is the one which guideth man to the dayspring of perception and to the dawning-place of true understanding and leadeth him to that which will redound to glory, honour and greatness.” -Bahá’u’lláh

This beautiful unisex band features brushed paths all around it and the Baha’i ring symbol inside a rectangle in the middle.
The whole band is made of stelring silver.

About 95 Gems Baha'i jewelry

We are a small online business focused on designing and producing Bahá'í inspired jewelry made with Sterling Silver and gemstones for different styles. View all posts by 95 Gems Baha'i jewelry

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