How to use some online apps within our Baha’i community?

It is common practice today to have E-mail, use apps on the computer or our phones, chat online and use social networks. How though, can we make better use of these tools within our Baha’i and wider communities?

Some of us have already asked ourselves this question. I have recently come across this post (click here) that talks specifically about Google apps but I am sure there are more out there. Our community, whether Baha’i or not is like our extended family and there are lots of ways through which we can keep in touch, share each others’ thoughts and activities.

Just imagine! You can create and share documents in which people can be added as contributors and that way everyone edits and drafts the document at once; you can have a public calendar where people can add the core activities happening in their neighbourhoods, and I am sure you can and will think of many other ways to use the Internet and your smartphones to the advancement of society. No need to think of something big; just a small effort can make a difference.

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