Due to our belief in the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, we call ourselves Bahá’ís.

Stating the obvious, 95 Gems is a Baha’i inspired initiative. We design and offer trendy and unusual Bahá’í jewellery and try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. This blog will keep updates on what is happening with the site and our products, as well as publishing posts on the teachings of the Faith.

Questions are VERY MUCH appreciated. If there is something in particular you want to know about or the Bahá’i perspective on a specific issue, please send us your question so that we can do some research and write any findings. This will also help us get through all the books we have yet to read!

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  • Bahai Jewelry

    95 Gems is a Baha’i inspired initiative. We design and offer trendy and unusual Bahá’í jewellery and try to keep our prices as affordable as possible


  • Rob Vedovi

    I’ve been trying to find a replacement Baha’i ring. I purchased mine in Teheran at Ruby’s in 1974. It was a gold oval man’s ring with a orange red carnelian stone. If you have seen Mr. Furutan’s it was very similar. It is a large size stone in an oval setting. I want a replacement and don’t want another style. The ring symbol must be large and easy to notice. If you can make a ring like this I am interested. The ring base should be strong. I am a large man and weer it on my pinky finger. Size about 7 or 9 (not sure now).


    • 95 Gems

      Hi! Thanks for your enquiry. It is indeed a beautiful ring you are talking about. At the moment we are not making rings with stones or with gold.
      It is in our plans and we are looking into it but as of now, unfortunately we cannot offer this ring. You are welcome to visit our website http://www.95gems.com and see what we have available and keep tuned for when we do offer rings in gold with stones. Thanks!


  • Terry Lohse

    We are researching the order of the 19 day feast, is it obligatory to begin
    with the devotional part, or can the 3 distitinctive parts of the feast be held in any order? There is a reference to the feast in April 2013 blog,
    there you state the order can be whatever you wish. If this is so could you please give us the reference.
    Thank you.


    • 95 Gems

      Hello dear friend and thank you for your comment! What we wrote in the post was based on personal experience where in some Feasts they started out with refreshments, in another, they skipped the administrative part if there was a non-Baha’i friend present (long time ago) and so on.

      There is however, a letter written by the House of Justice to the Hands of the Cause of God (Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 244) where it says “that the Feast is opened with devotional readings, that is to say prayers and meditations, from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb and the Master…” This does make us think the devotional should be the first part.
      We have found this Statement of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States, in Bahá’í Meetings/The Nineteen Day Feast, p. 23: “In a general letter issued to Local Spiritual Assemblies several years ago, it was pointed out that the Guardian instructs that the Nineteen Day Feast be held according to the following program: the first part, entirely spiritual in character, is devoted to readings from Bahá’í Sacred Writings; the second part consists of general consultation on the affairs of the Cause, at which time the Local Spiritual Assembly reports its activities to the community, asks for suggestions and consultation, and also delivers messages received from the Guardian and the National Assembly. The third part is the material feast and social meeting of all the friends.” (Compilations, NSA USA – Developing Distinctive Baha’i Communities).

      Also, there is this Letter written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice, dated January 23, 1985, to an individual believer, in an unpublished compilation, “The Nineteen Day Feast”: “Regarding changing the order of the Feast, it is clear from Shoghi Effendi’s instructions that the Nineteen Day Feast program should start with the spiritual part, and not with the social part, which includes refreshments, or breaking bread together. . . . However, if it is found that some sort of association among the friends or the serving of food and refreshments will be helpful, if this takes place at the outset, there is no objection to this practice, provided it is clear that it is not part of the Feast.” (Compilations, NSA USA – Developing Distinctive Baha’i Communities). So, our understanding is that this can be done but NOT replacing the social part of the feast at the end.

      We hope this was helpful. Please do let us know if we can do more research to enlighten us both. Thanks!!


    • 95 Gems

      We have also updated and added this information to our blog post. Many thanks!!


  • Sana Teymouri

    Hi. I am sana. I’m in Turkey. And I want to know about your products.
    I want to sell your products here .
    I want to know your price. And where r u?
    And how many days your products arrive to me if i buy?


  • Irene

    Dear 95 Gems,

    I really like one of the rings, but I couldn’t find the link the purchase it. How should I make order online? Also I live in U. S.

    Thank you!


    • 95 Gems

      Dear Irene;

      It pleases us to know you like one of our rings. All items we have in stock you can see on our website http://www.95gems.com and on our Etsy store 95Gems. If you’d like to pay via credit card you can do so on Etsy 🙂
      Shipping to the USA is very easy and reliable from Switzerland so shop with confidence.

      Let me know if here is anything else I can help you with.


  • Shirín Jiménez


    In this page https://blog.95gems.com/2010/05/23/la-declaracion-de-el-bab-fe-baha%E2%80%99i-23-de-mayo-1844/
    There are two mistakes in spanish transladation:

    2 paragraf encamonaron -> encaminaron
    4 paragraf a que venia a Shiraz -> a qué venía a Shiraz.

    Thanks for the website, it is very useful.


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