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Movement causes ageing

It struck me too! First of all, I need to acknowledge the source I am quoting…Mr. Steve Gonzales. I met him here in New York for the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

As we know, time is an illusion. What does that really mean? He mentioned that…the world rotates on its own axis and earth circulates the sun, and the sun the galaxy and the galaxy another galaxies in the Milky way…I know…it’s all about movement! Now, as the earth rotates, time (or what we call time) passes or happens or we think happens and that affects our bodies. Is that really it or do our bodies come with an expiration date?

Does time cause us to age due to movement or do our bodies start to decay due to our own movement and activity? But then again we must consider…do we live longer if we are active or do we die sooner? Or does death have nothing to do with time but chance? Or do we die due to our own actions and again, do we have a predestined “expiry date”? Interesting…

I think before getting any further we need to discuss what death really is…or what I think it is anyhow…Obviously my very limited mind cannot come with these concepts on its own so for the post on death I will be quoting directly or indirectly the Writings of the Baha’i Faith. Until then!

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