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More feedback! We are thrilled to have happy customers :)

Thank you all for your support!

  The ring arrived today. It looks great! Thank you very much.– Randy  28 june










I love, love, love this ring. After 41 yrs as a Baha’i finally a ring I would be proud to wear! – Cheryl.  

Some comments from some of our happy customers! Baha’i Jewellery on 95 Gems

We thought we’d share some feedback from some of our customers from different parts of the world. Here are some of them:

“Thank you for sending the ring so promptly.  It is very beautiful and the quality is much, much higher than I had expected for the price.  I had only had it on a few minutes when a member of my community came over for a meeting and noticed it saying, “Oh my, that is the most beautiful Baha’i ring I have ever seen!  I want one!”” Cheryl, USA.

“I’ve been looking for a ring for a LONG time, and I knew this was the perfect one when I saw it.  You have a fantastic website!!!”  Customer, USA

Chords Baha’i ring

The power of Baha’i Jewellery – A story

“I preceded the others a half hour in order to make some photographs before the sun was too low. Upon reaching the Tomb I found oniy one room open and within were several Persians sitting about a table.
They did not understand English, but by tapping my camera and making signs I made my wishes known and received permission to take some pictures.
I saw upon the finger of one of them, a venerable man with flowing white beard, a ring such as is worn by many of the believers. As he was close to me, I whispered in his ear in Arabic the universal Bahá’í greeting; he immediately cried it aloud, and as he grasped me in his arms and kissed me on both cheeks the tears came into his eyes. Then they all crowded round, pressing my hands, and I knew that I was among friends. In the meeting of the West with the East is fulfilled the prophecies of the Books.”
(BW – Baha’i World Volumes, Volume  9, p. 804)

Baha’i Gems is now 95 GEMS! Same great Baha’i jewellery!

Dear friends, we have officially changed our name to 95 Gems. Still the same adminitration and the same principle to bring affordable and new Baha’i jewelry to the friends all over the world, only our name has changed. 

We are currently working on a new Baha’i pendant so stay tuned for more info.


Our “Teaching Tool” Bahá’í ring is out! Shop for it at 95 Gems.

For Naw Ruz (new year) in 2012, we are launching our “teaching tool” ring. It is a large 20mm wide band with the Baha’i ring symbol engraved. You can purchase it on our website.


‘Abdu’l-Bahá wrote: “As to the fundamentals of teaching the Faith: know thou that delivering the Message can be accomplished only through goodly deeds and spiritual attributes, an utterance that is crystal clear and the happiness reflected from the face of that one who is expounding the Teachings.”

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