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The power of Baha’i Jewellery – A story

“I preceded the others a half hour in order to make some photographs before the sun was too low. Upon reaching the Tomb I found oniy one room open and within were several Persians sitting about a table.
They did not understand English, but by tapping my camera and making signs I made my wishes known and received permission to take some pictures.
I saw upon the finger of one of them, a venerable man with flowing white beard, a ring such as is worn by many of the believers. As he was close to me, I whispered in his ear in Arabic the universal Bahá’í greeting; he immediately cried it aloud, and as he grasped me in his arms and kissed me on both cheeks the tears came into his eyes. Then they all crowded round, pressing my hands, and I knew that I was among friends. In the meeting of the West with the East is fulfilled the prophecies of the Books.”
(BW – Baha’i World Volumes, Volume  9, p. 804)

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