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Cute little stories for children

This week I came across a page that is sharing stories for children and I really like their style 🙂 They’re called “Little Champions of Justice” (isn’t that super cute?) You can see the two stories they’ve shared publicly so far:

#1: The Courageous Voice of Bertha

The courageous voice of Bertha

And #2: Ron’s First Mission for Fairness

Ron's first mission for fairness

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How to keep calm and show love to others under all circumstances?

Lately I have been faced with some difficulties.
I usually tend to have a very easy and peaceful life thanks to all the wonderful people around me so I am not that used to being in these situations.
It is easy to be happy and show love to everyone around you when life is easy and you don’t have any worries but when the road gets rocky, that is when most of us show our not-so-pleasant side. How do we refrain from hurtful comments and actions we are most likely to regret?
How did the early believers in Baha’u’llah (and for that matter, the early believers in all the previous Dispensations) manage to show love and compassion to everyone despite their attacks and aggression towards them? I cannot begin to imagine the spiritual state in which these blessed souls tread the Earth in order to be able to do this. I turn then to the Baha’i Writings which are the source of joy, happiness and guidance in my life and search for messages that can lead me to love everyone despite what their feelings toward me are.
After some reading, these quotes really stuck with me:

…the oneness of the world of humanity shall be realized, accepted and established. When we reflect upon this blessed principle, it will become evident and manifest that it is the healing remedy for all human conditions. All mankind are the servants of the glorious God, our Creator. He has created all. Assuredly He must have loved them equally; otherwise, He would not have created them. He protects all. Assuredly He loves His creatures; otherwise, He would not protect them. He provides for all, proving His love for all without distinction or preference. He manifests His perfect goodness and loving-kindness toward all. He does not punish us for our sins and shortcomings, and we are all immersed in the ocean of His infinite mercy. Inasmuch as God is clement and loving to His children, lenient and merciful toward our shortcomings, why should we be unkind and unforgiving toward each other? As He loves humanity without distinction or preference, why should we not love all? Can we conceive of a plan and policy superior to the divine purpose? Manifestly, we cannot. Therefore, we must strive to do the will of the glorious Lord and emulate His policy of loving all mankind. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Easy then: God=loves us all, I love God, therefore: I love all because I love God.

Love for humanity, love for our family, love for God. What Baha’is have to say about love.

As an abstract concept, love is indeed something extremely hard for me to explain or try to understand. Recently I found myself in a situation in which my love and detachment had to be consciously put under control. Now, I will try to explain what I mean along the lines of what I have learned from the Baha’i Writings.

There are different kinds of love. The love for ourselves as creatures of God, the love for each other, and the love for and from God from and to us. The only love that is unconditional is the love of God for each one His creatures. Now, lets look at the love between two people. Once we have love for someone, it is very difficult not to mention the name of that person. All we want to do is to be with them, talk to them and serve them. If our love for another imperfect human being can be this strong and rule our actions with such power then shouldn’t our love for God -who is undoubtedly Perfect- be like a burning fire that consumes all desire of any other but Him?

This may seem like a contradictory theory, however, I have come to one conclusion: our love for others is guided and protected but our love for God. If we are united by and for the love of God then that love transcends all the boundaries of this earthly world. In other words, (and this was my latest discovery) our love must be detached from our hopes and desires. We love and give others the freedom to love us if they choose to. How often have we experienced disappointment after giving others as much love as we considered ourselves capable of giving and receiving nothing in return? To me, the key for happiness is in submissiveness to the Will of God. I have been reassured of this so many times in my life! Once we do all we can to show love to others, it is up to them to decide what they want to do with our love. Once we have put it out there, if it serves its purpose, then great! if it doesn’t, do not panic. Leave things to God and put your whole trust in Him. After all, He knows it all and knows what is best for us.

God has been telling humanity for thousands of years to love our neighbour for our love to Him, and today, this is clearly evident. For example: we are all affected when notified of the suffering of others in remote parts of the globe. Even though it may seem as it does not affect us in the least, it does. This reaction has to come from our love to God and therefore for His creation. In giving love, we cannot get picky. ‘Abdu’l-Baha said:

Do not be content with showing friendship in words alone, let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path.

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